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News and updates that impact the TBI survivor community of Villa Licci

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Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors in Indiana
Out of all the cities and towns in the US, why is Villa Licci being...Read More
TBI Blog
In the Beginning
A fall. A car accident. Repeated sports injuries. Combat injuries. Any of these – or...Read More
TBI Blog
Andrea’s Story
In the summer of 2011, Andrea’s life was filled with the stereotypical activities of a...Read More
TBI Blog
Drew’s Story
Drew was a high-achieving college student majoring in Biomedical Engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology....Read More
TBI Blog
Nic’s Story
Nic was always very active physically and in gifted classes at school. He participated in...Read More
TBI Blog
Mickey’s Story
On January 15, 1989, a wonderful, beautiful baby boy was born. It certainly did not...Read More
TBI Blog
Brigette’s Story
Brigette was your typical 19-year-old college student without a care in the world. In her...Read More

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