Two percent of Americans live with the effects of a traumatic brain injury.
130,000 live in Indiana alone.

What is Villa Licci?

Villa Licci is a pioneer in meeting the residential needs and independence that many adults with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) desire. Currently, we are raising the awareness and funds for this exciting project that will give our individuals the community and support that is much needed. Villa Licci will be a first-of-its-kind residence comprised of private apartments that will provide its members with opportunities to create friendships and foster the support necessary for living life with a TBI.

First of its Kind

Currently, no other residential community in the country exists solely for those with traumatic brain injuries. People with a TBI differ from those with other developmental and cognitive disorders in that TBI is an acquired injury. Each TBI survivor was living their life a certain way and now they must live differently due to their injury. This creates a dramatic "before and after" to their lives, and many lament the loss of the life they once had, which now seems unattainable.

TBI survivors need to be connected to other survivors to share the uniqueness of their situation that others who haven't had a TBI or who have a different cognitive issues just cannot understand.

Be a Part of Villa Licci

Our mission is to provide for a very underserved population in our country – those living with a TBI. Many of our donors and board members behind this project personally know or live with a TBI survivor and are aware of the great need for the community that this residence would provide and help foster. Join our efforts and help us to provide the opportunity for a better “new normal” for those inflicted with a traumatic brain injury.

Our Progress for this Project

Creating Villa Licci will be done over the course of multiple phases. Our fundraising goal for our current phase, Phase II – which includes the initial residential building and accommodations for our first residents – is $14.5 million, of which $502,000 has already been raised.

Currently, we are in possession of 13 acres of land in Central Indiana, which is the future site of our first Villa Licci Community.

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What is a TBI?

A TBI, or traumatic brain injury, is trauma that affects how an individual’s brain works. TBIs can be caused by non-invasive means, such as a blow or bump to the head, or by more extreme penetrative means, like a gunshot wound to the head. Challenges from a TBI continue over the remainder of the individual's life.
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