What Makes Villa Licci Different?

June 23, 2023
What Makes Villa Licci Different?

On the surface, Villa Licci might look similar to other residences for people with cognitive challenges.  However, there are distinct differences that make Villa Licci truly unique.

Villa Licci is first and foremost a residential community of adults living with the challenges that follow a brain injury.  There are no other residences serving this exact population anywhere in the country. Most other residences cater to those with developmental disabilities.  While the founders of Villa Licci recognize the need for services for all, they chose to focus on the unique challenges facing brain injury survivors.

People with a TBI differ from those with other developmental and cognitive disorders in that TBI is an acquired injury. Each TBI survivor was living their life a certain way and now they must live differently due to their injury. This creates a dramatic “before and after” to their lives, and many lament the loss of the life they once had, which now seems unattainable.

TBI survivors have a need to be connected to other survivors to share the uniqueness of their situation that others who haven’t had a TBI or who have different cognitive issues just cannot understand.

Villa Licci will provide the opportunity for medically stable adults to live with minimal supervision while maintaining personal waivers and services. Although the goal is semi-independent living, there will be organized community events and experiences.

This community seeks to enhance each resident’s quality of life through shared experiences and relationships. The residential and community buildings, along with the landscaping and site plan, are designed with common areas both inside and outdoors where residents can exercise, eat, socialize, and relax together.

Villa Licci will not be a skilled nursing facility (nursing home) or a medical facility.  In addition, while residents will be able to retain all their rehabilitation services, and relationships with their medical team, Villa Licci will not be a rehab center nor provide these services directly.

In staying true to our mission to provide safe and independent housing, fellowship, and dignity in a faith-centered environment for adult survivors of traumatic brain injuries, Villa Licci is truly providing a unique service for the TBI community.