Preparing for Brain Injury Awareness Month

February 16, 2023
Preparing for Brain Injury Awareness Month

Next month is Brain Injury Awareness Month.  There are numerous facets to be aware of concerning TBIs and TBI survivors.  This week, in preparation for BI awareness month, we’d like to draw attention to just a few of the ways brain injuries have affected the future members of the Villa Licci community.


Top 5 Things TBI Survivors Want You to Know

In their own words, several TBI survivors shared what it is they wish other people knew about them and their experiences living with a TBI.


Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury

What do the 2% of Americans living with the effects of a brain injury have in common?  This blog explores both individual and community effects that survivors and their loved ones might encounter.


Domestic Violence and TBI

Domestic Violence is one of the main causes of TBIS in both adults and children.  From shaken baby syndrome to blows on the head from a beating, domestic violence can lead to serious long-term effects.


Post-Concussion Syndrome

What happens when the effects of a “mild” concussion last far beyond the expected recovery period?


How to Explain a Brain Injury Disability

When someone experiences a brain injury, many areas of their life can be affected.  One question that often comes up is how to explain the injury and the resulting disabilities to those around them.

There are numerous activities nationwide in honor of Brain Injury Awareness Month.  Check back next month for more information!