Domestic Violence and TBI

October 6, 2022
Domestic Violence and TBI

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  According to research by the CDC, about one in four women and nearly one in ten men report some form of intimate partner violence over their lifetime.  Domestic violence is one of the main causes of TBIs in both adults and children.  From shaken baby syndrome to blows to the head, domestic violence can lead to serious long-term effects.

However, sometimes a victim might not know they have sustained a TBI. Likewise, they might not seek medical treatment because they don’t think the injury is that severe.  This puts them at risk for repeated injuries, thus compounding the effects of a TBI. Early treatment and awareness are key in helping TBI survivors overcome their injuries.

Like anyone with a TBI, domestic violence survivors may have trouble with executive and cognitive functioning.  They may have personality and behavior changes as well, though if the abuse is ongoing, the changes may be gradual and not sudden.

Sometimes, these impairments make it challenging to hold down a job or perform day-to-day tasks.  With a lack of income, someone suffering the effects of a TBI after being a victim of domestic violence may be unable to leave the abusive situation and find the resources necessary to fully heal.

Adults who have suffered from a TBI as a result of domestic violence may not have a safe and loving home environment.  As much as anyone with a TBI, they need a safe community in which to live and thrive.

Villa Licci does not discriminate against anyone in regards to the mechanism of their TBI. The residential community will provide supportive relationships to all who live here.  This will allow all survivors of traumatic brain injuries to thrive.