Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors in Indiana

June 15, 2022
Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors in Indiana
Out of all the cities and towns in the US, why is Villa Licci being built in central Indiana?

For multiple reasons, Indiana is uniquely poised to create and welcome the first Villa Licci community. For example, Indiana has an extensive infrastructure already in place for TBI survivors. This ranges from the initial injury assessment, to rehab care, to outpatient therapy and other follow-up services.

Community Resources

TBI survivors in Indiana have access to several high-quality rehabilitation centers and service providers. Most noteworthy is the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI), one of just 16 TBI Model Systems in the country. RHI is the only center in Indiana to be nationally certified in traumatic brain injury care. In addition, RHI is one of the premier research facilities in this field. This ensures Indiana will be on the cutting edge of understanding, treatment, rehabilitation, and other services for survivors of traumatic brain injuries both now and into the future.

Due to the strength of this existing infrastructure, Indiana recently became one of only 10 states to receive a mentor grant from the Administration for Community Living. This grant was awarded for Indiana to assist other states in designing similar systems of services and supports for all people with TBIs. And also to assist with building up their family and social networks.  These funds will be used to teach about what is already making a positive difference for TBI survivors. Through this grant, the existing infrastructure in Indiana will be further strengthened and expanded, as well.

Benefits of our unique location

With Villa Licci being located near such nationally recognized facilities, residents can benefit from this expertise and high level of care. Each resident will maintain their own medical and therapeutic care with their chosen providers through outside organizations. Villa Licci will provide space for in-home care, or residents will be able to travel to their chosen facilities.

The contribution of Villa Licci

The addition of Villa Licci to the brain injury community in Indiana will address a critical gap in the continuum of services for TBI survivors. Specifically, this is through providing housing specifically designed for the needs of adult survivors of TBIs. Villa Licci will be a vital next step on this continuum by providing a supportive community for these individuals.

You can help make this dream a reality by donating to our capital campaign here.