Drew’s Story

Drew was a high-achieving college student majoring in Biomedical Engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. He was planning to apply to medical school with dreams of pediatric orthopedic surgery as an occupation. He was enjoying a successful athletic career as a starting safety on the football team and very involved with his fraternity.

Nic’s Story

Nic was always very active physically and in gifted classes at school. He participated in numerous sports as a child, including baseball, soccer, football, swimming, and wrestling. Nic played four years of varsity football and wrestling – winning wrestling sectionals for his weight class his junior year of high school.

Mickey’s Story

On January 15, 1989, a wonderful, beautiful baby boy was born. It certainly did not take him long to start showing the world exactly how special he was. He decided that he had places to go and at nine months he was walking and exploring this beautiful planet.

Brigette’s Story

Brigette was your typical 19-year-old college student without a care in the world. In her eyes, life was perfect. She was a solid student, having graduated Brebeuf Jesuit High School in Indianapolis. In addition to her academic success, she was a skilled artist, had played four years of high school basketball, and ran cross country and track.